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Contributor: Jason W. Schroeder - Civilian Medical Center
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Factoid 8389 - Created: 2007-08-31 14:20:17-04 - Modified: 2007-09-02 17:38:37.098087-04
ACR Codes: 4.1
Melorheostosis is a rare sclerosing bone disorder that may manifest as limb pain or swelling, or be incidentally discovered on plain films. It is not believed to be an inherited disorder. Associated findings include edema, fibrosis, skin hyperpigmentation, and localized scleroderma in a similar distribution and pattern as the skeletal lesions. The lesions usually follow a sclerotome-pattern.

Classically is it discribed as a flowing hyperostosis, or candle-wax appearance, but other forms include an osteoma-like pattern, myositis ossificans like pattern, osteopathia striata - like pattern and a mixed pattern.

The hyperostosis may involve a solitary bone, but usually occurs in many bones in a limb.
Freyschmidt J. Melorheostosis: a review of 23 cases. Eur Radiol 2001; 11: 474-479.
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MSK - Musculoskeletal
Leg (Tibia and Fibula)
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Prepared by: Jason W. Schroeder
Affiliation: Civilian Medical Center - || - Author Profile
Approved by: Albert V Porambo
Affiliation: Civilian Medical Center - || - Editor Profile
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